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Prices and currency

The chaepest way to Bulgaria is by charter plane to Burgas, which is possible between May and September, provided you stay a full weak.

We suggest contacting Penguin Travel, Frederiksberg AllÈ 32, st. th., 1820 Frederiksberg C, Denmark Tlf. +45 33 21 51 00, for travel to Bulgaria.

Daily flights to Sofia (all year round) is somewhat more expensive. 

Weekly prices:

Main house: euro 1100

Full floor: euro 550

Both houses: euro 1800

Vinehouse: euro 800

The maximum number of people who have stayed in the house at one time was 21 adults and children - it goes without saying that the space was well utilised.

The house has 6 bedrooms. Each room can accommodate a minimum of 2 people, and some of the rooms have a low plateau the full width of the room, which as in the olden days functions as a large bed. This kind of room offers sleeping accommodation for 6 children or a family with 3 children.

Upon arrival the house will be clean, and clean linen will be provided. Transport, excursions and food and drink are not included in the price, but can be arranged.

Daily prices for full board including all drinks are as follows:

Adults: euro 20

Children: euro 10

The Bulgarian currency is the lev (BGN). There are 2 leva to 1 euro. 1 lev is equivalent to approx. DKK 4.

One of our ideas with the purchase of the house is to create jobs in the area. Please don't hesitate to ask the local family who run the house to cook and arrange excursions for you.

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